wishing well

Will your wish be granted if you tell
the spirits of the wishing well?
‘Tis said your wish may well come true
so seek the ones to tell it to.
You must speak aloud of your desire,
– clear as to what you do aspire.
Drop coins into the water and
watch carefully to see them land.
Heads up and you will get your wish,
Heads down – you’ve merely fed the fish!

A Farewell

I stand beside the sunlit edge
of pond and meadow touching hands,
watch flirting leaves that twitch and swirl 
then bob and curtsey in their dance.

Soft waters rippling into shore,
beneath bowed willows’ trailing arms,
push tender shards of russet brown
to catch and curl between the reeds.

Though reds and gold light up the trees,
no harsh wind sings of winter’s chill,
but autumn whispers in the breeze
and summer hums a sad farewell.