Attention Seeking

It’s time to move he says,

can’t have you falling down the stairs

at every chance you get

– attention seeking.


Our home is perfection she says,

looking out over the ocean,

other houses hidden from view

and no barking dogs.


But they start looking anyway,

at hutches and rabbit warrens,

neighbours within spitting distance,

as they nearly all are.


They explore all city suburbs,

short list their preferences,

a few streets here and there,

not many fit the bill.


They consider a retirement village,

a ghetto for the elderly,

where they’ll watch their net worth dwindle,

yet the children approve.


Yes they must do something,

sooner rather than later,

before one of them carks it

– attention seeking.





Offer of a lifetime

A card in the window caught his eye.

‘Special offer for Valentine’s Day. Don’t miss out – shiny, new, no scratches or baggage, one careful owner. Room for two and no test drive necessary. Miles of love and devotion guaranteed.
P.S. I have my own car.’

He began searching his pockets for pen and paper ………