Just A Musing

Poetry – rhythm, rhyme and meter

– there are so many forms

that one can




Vocabulary is another puzzle

because some poems are

written in conversational style

while others are stuffed

with words that one would

never use

in real


And so I wonder

as I sit at my computer

who am I writing poetry for

and what is my voice

because it is


to be


I think that my mind

must be too literal

to speak in metaphor,

or string together

extravagant and

sometimes meaningless

adjectives and nouns,

just because

it may sound


And even if I could

learn that trick

do I




Photo by Vardan Papikyan on Unsplash


A Perfect Love

Still like this one …. sometimes I don’t like my poems when I go back and read them!

Light and Dark

albi aug 2016c

she lived alone in her small flat  
and hoped that she might meet some day
someone who’d love her (and her cat)
– a perfect love in every way

each day while waiting for the bus
she’d tell herself that come what may
she’d find ‘the one’ and be an “us”
– a perfect love in every way

it mattered not if he were small
(tall men are snapped up first they say)
as long as he would come to call
– a perfect love in every way

one night while waiting in the rain
“Let’s share a cab” she heard him say
he liked her and he made it plain
– a perfect love in every way

such happiness now filled her life
they saw each other every day
he asked her would she be his wife
– a perfect love in every way

and through the years…

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