old love

Yesterday I met someone
Reminded me of you
I saw your face, I heard your voice
Not knowing what to do
I smiled and laughed
Pretending joy
And wondered is it true

Memories came flooding back
Of romance young and new
Back then I was a fool at love
Believing you’d be true
So there I was
Dilemma bound
Not knowing what to do

It seemed that you remembered me
We spoke and time just flew
But then I saw that interest
Came just from me not you
Your eyes were cold
And so I turned
And bade old love adieu

from my window

And from my window I can see
So many things that call to me
Trees and shrubs, spring flowers are there
Birds are darting everywhere
Busy nesting come what may
From dawn until the end of day

And from my window I can see
The ocean and it calls to me
Waves breaking gently on the shores
Their whispers turning into roars
On windy nights when gales blow
Their billows shining white like snow

And from my window I can see
A grassy bank and in its lee
Sea-lions lounging out of reach
And rolling on the sandy beach
One or two, with bodies great
Just lonely males without a mate  

And from my window I can see
the river flows beyond the trees
I follow as it starts to wind
From distant hills that lie behind
And just before a rocky ridge
Trains clatter noisy on a bridge

The low hills rolling high and wide
Far mountains standing side by side
Backdrop to vistas that I know
Sky above with clouds below
And from my window I can see
So many things that call to me

Mt Watkins

Title:   ‘From my window’  (unfinished)
Medium:  Acrylic on canvas


the world of poetry

I love it here
it is the place
to try my hand
and show my face
but I’m afraid

there are many who
have much to say
write lovely lines
I read and pray
that I may too

and know my words
might touch a heart
or prompt a laugh
or tear apart
some thought that’s blind

to take this road
a daunting way
to meet and greet
but come what may
I’ll play my part
make bid to stay

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