A Sentimental Journey with 21 old songs

I’m sailing on that sentimental journey,
you’ll never know that all I have to do is dream.
My heart tells me I’m swinging on a star but
in the blue of evening things aren’t always what they seem.

Please hear my prayer, don’t treat me cruel, I beg of you.
You always hurt the one you love and then I’ll cry.
Just love me tender – that is all you need to do,
I’ve got my love to keep me warm and I’ll get by.

If it’s true that everybody’s somebody’s fool,
and some enchanted evening smoke gets in your eyes,
I will still sail on that sentimental journey
I can’t stop loving you when you’re my ticket to ride.


a magician with commitment
displaying charm and artistry
he creates a fine illusion
decorated just for me

maybe he’s a ventriloquist
and put his name upon my tongue
for despite my shy resistance
it’s been engraved there all along

ethereal whispers tell me
that I’m too vulnerable by far
yet I like his perseverance
let him be my shooting star

night terror

each night I walk down dusty paths
thick stands of trees on either side
hear wildness padding close behind
soft footfalls scuffing at the leaves

there’s beauty in his lordly stripes
lips sneering as he bares his teeth
no-one to help, no place to hide
this stalker bides his time to leap

we’ve played the scene so many times
by now we should be bosom friends
but terror’s strength still holds me tight
his bite might be my story’s end