Ode to the RBC

From the heart the red corpuscle
carries oxygen to muscle,
goes all around in just one minute
then returns with none left in it
recharging in the lungs before
the heart can whoosh it out once more.

Oh tell me Red, how does it seem
to be a prisoner to haem
and tote round all that iron and stuff
and make sure our organs get enough?
You do so much for little praise
and only live ten dozen days.

Those other cells? – we won’t go near ’em.
all busy working in the serum,
whizzing at a rate of knots
some fight infection, some make clots,
and it hurts your pride to hear them say
“red blood cells don’t have DNA”

But worry not, dear little cell,
we know your story very well
and oxygen’s our main life stay,
without you we’d just fade away!
So carry on and do your bit –
and keep up our haematocrit…

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