Behind the door

they hide from me behind the door
then whisper in the night
for them the darkness is a friend
but I yearn for the light

I feel their touches to my face
they call with soundless sighs
sharp fingers tracing on my skin
each time I close my eyes

no rest for me when black night brings
such visits before dawn
eyes peering, straining in the dark
while longing for the morn

at last as daylight fills the room
night terrors seem no more
as fear retreats into the shade
and waits behind the door

6 thoughts on “Behind the door”

      1. Once I was alone in an apartment in a small Brazilian city, and in the early hours I was woken by a crackling sound and a flickering yellow light outside my bedroom window. I was on the 12th floor, so this was quite unusual. I thought it was an alien spacecraft, but when I investigated, I discovered that a light switch had short-circuited by itself in another closed room (with a window) and this was where the sound and light were coming from. Sometimes “normal” things that happen can be surprising.

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