Of Sadness

I cannot write of beauty
When sadness fills my mind
Why this should be I do not know
I’m not the moping kind

And though I look at lovely things
And wonder at their grace
Those trees, that sea, those starry skies
They’re from another place

Not nestled here within my heart
With melancholy signed
I cannot write of beauty
When sadness fills my mind

Yet there’ll come a day
Or so it’s said
With sad thoughts left behind
Those moons and loons
And rainbows
Once more will fill my mind

Meet Black

Black can mean so many things
and can be misunderstood,
like when it’s said in plural
it’s both racist and it’s rude.

Yet put the small word ‘all’ in front
and the plural form seems fine
– we’d like New Zealand All Blacks
to play in our front line!

We can think of Guinness drinkers
as they sup on their black grog,
or Churchill’s deep depressions
that he nicknamed his “black dog.”

Black beans will help your colon,
Black-eyed Susans flower in June.
Two ‘new’ ones seen in just one month
will give us a ‘black moon’.

Break a strike and you’re a blackleg.
Blackball someone and they’re out.
All in all black can be gloomy,
yet black coffee may stop gout!

Too much booze may cause a black-out
and black humor makes us laugh,
but for bad luck to pursue you
let a black cat cross your path!

albi aug 2016c