a poet’s path

you’ve gotta kiss a lot of frogs

before you find your prince

you’re gonna write a load of dross

read lines that make you wince

but there will come a time (one hopes)

some day beyond the clatter

and croaking of false frogs and toads

you’ll find some words that matter





4 thoughts on “a poet’s path”

  1. Hi Lesley – Just a quick Hello and a chance to read a bit of your stuff. We have a troll on HP – Mannley Collins- says the most terrible things about every write he commets on. On my last one he said “So full if shit it can’t help but smell like shit”. Nice, eh? Doesn’t bother me though, I just laugh at him and leave a patronizing comment after his, everytime I see he’s trashed someone else’s write. I’m making a joke out of him so any new membeers don’t get discouraged and leave. Fun and games. I reported him to Eliot at HP, but nothing has happened.
    I lost my job at Christmas and haven’t found another one. Stressful times. We may have to move house to a cheaper state to live in. Either Nevada or Texas. I don’t want to move at all, but we can’t afford to live in L A on just our pensions. The cost of living here is outrageous. My daughter likes San Antonio. I like Burbank. I wanna stay here. Waaahhh.

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