a poet’s path

you’ve gotta kiss a lot of frogs

before you find your prince

you’re gonna write a load of dross

read lines that make you wince

but there will come a time (one hopes)

some day beyond the clatter

and croaking of false frogs and toads

you’ll find some words that matter





13 thoughts on “a poet’s path”

  1. Hi
    This is nice. – I have no idea how blogs work. I wouldn’t know where to start. I enjoyed your verse and art. I’ve bookmarked this so I can come back. Congratulationa on a really nice job.
    Lori Jones McCaffery, hererafter, Lori J.

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  2. Hi Lesley – Just a quick Hello and a chance to read a bit of your stuff. We have a troll on HP – Mannley Collins- says the most terrible things about every write he commets on. On my last one he said “So full if shit it can’t help but smell like shit”. Nice, eh? Doesn’t bother me though, I just laugh at him and leave a patronizing comment after his, everytime I see he’s trashed someone else’s write. I’m making a joke out of him so any new membeers don’t get discouraged and leave. Fun and games. I reported him to Eliot at HP, but nothing has happened.
    I lost my job at Christmas and haven’t found another one. Stressful times. We may have to move house to a cheaper state to live in. Either Nevada or Texas. I don’t want to move at all, but we can’t afford to live in L A on just our pensions. The cost of living here is outrageous. My daughter likes San Antonio. I like Burbank. I wanna stay here. Waaahhh.

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      1. Hi
        Was thinking about you today, so here I am. We’re now semi settled in our new home in Laughlin, Nevada, out in the middle of the desert, an hour south of Las /Vegas, on the Colorado River. We didn’t want to move, but with no job, we couldn’t afford to stay in LA.. Home prices went crazy in the last couple of years, so we sold our house, invested the profit in an investment fund that sends us a check each month, and that makes it possible to live almost as before, when added to our Social security pensions. Our new house, which is bigger, cost 1/4 of what we got for the one in Burbank. This is a tract house, and not a patch on what we left as far as quality of construction and charm goes. There are 5 more just like it in the 3 blocks of our “Community = what they call tracts now. I wanted an older house, but 30 years ago, this was nothing but desert as far as the eye could see. Pebbly, gravelly desert, not lovely rolling sand dunes. All the houses are beige and so is the landscape. I may paint ours purple. At least we don’t have to deal with a homeowners association, so we could paint if it we want to. My computer was locked in the mover’s warehouse for 3 weeks and it took me 3 weeks to get a phone line in to run it, so I was out of touch for 6 weeks. Got a lot of stuff to type up and put up. There was some argy bargy that went on while I was away. I don’t know if you remember many people, but there was a wonderful poet named Vicki who sort of mentored me when I first came on. She wrote wonderful comments that helped me a lot. Apparently for the last year she has been trolled by a group of others on the site – to the point that she just closed her membership and left. I’m so sad.So are a lot of others on the side, according to all the comments flying back and forth.
        What’s perplexing is that one of the ones named as a troll is another one that I follow and who follows me, named Elizabeth Squires. Apparently the trolls have multiple accounts. None of them have a photo with their comments, and maybe that’s why.
        I’m told many calls and pleas went to Eliot the owner of the site, but he didn’t even respond. Kinda disappointing. I’m staying out of it and just posting my stuff and lovin’ on everyone elses’.
        That’s the news of the day. Hope you are well. I’m loving everything I see here.
        Be well.

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  3. Hi
    Just a quick hello and how are things? HP is not in great shape. No one seems to know what’s going on and you can no longer find anyone in an index like before. Long time members like Chris Nielsen and David Hewitt have left. David came back, but only temporarily he says. Eliot York doesn’t answer any one and there is a lot of poetic grumbling posted. If it folds I don’t know what I’ll do. I only know one other site and they run contests and a lot of extraneous stuff I don’t like. Do you know of a good site? I have no immediate plans to leave. I’ve kind of written myself into a corner there.
    Scanning your site here, looks like you are flying high. How exciting.
    I’m primarily acclimating to this major move from L.A. to Nevada. Never dreamed it would be so traumatic. Like I jumped from a padded parlor to a bleak rock. But I a making it work as best I can. Hope you are well. I think of you fondly.

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    1. Lori …. could you please email me as I would rather talk to you that way. Lovely to hear from you but sorry about HP. I used to belong to All Poetry but in the end stopped posting there. In fact I am not doing much of anything at the moment …. either poetry or art. Lost my mojo. I hope to hear from you by email so that we can talk and discuss. Don’t be misled I am certainly not flying high at all!! xxxx


  4. Hi Lesly Just stopping by to say hello and how are you. Hope you are surviving these terrible times well and happy. I am hanging on at Hello Poetry, though some of the luster has faded. I keep toying with self publishing but I keep not doing it, so I must assume it’s not what I really want. “Don’t know how to go about it – how to start” is just an excuse. Had a small stroke on NYEve, so I am trying to get back to some version of normal. Memory and cognition problems trouble me most. But I am functioning and still writing. I consider myself lucky. Stay well. -Lori


  5. Hi Lesley. Just dropping by to say Hi and see if you are OK. I’m doing well. Had a little stroke in Jan, but didn’t lose much function. Stll putting the stuff up on HP and still trying to get off my duff and delf publish. I don’t know where to start, so I just don’t star. Kinda pathetic. Don’t know who’d read the thing either. It may just be an exercize in ego.
    Drop me a line sometime.


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