Kernow (Cornwall) – land of tales untold

Land’s End indeed, as pounding seas
and craggy cliffs remind us still
of this the seat where Arthur ruled
and Celts held on with stoic will.

Scraped lives from harsh and windy moors,
and fought to fill their nets with fish,
searched for copper, tin and clay,
survive with pride their only wish.

Bound by water on three sides,
village and coast such sights to see,
her people, survive nature’s whim,
heirs to proud, rebellious history.

Past Imperfect

They’ve much to answer for
It’s easy to say
Yet personal history
Made them that way

Experience moulded them
They weren’t prepared
By some media pundit
Just knowledge shared

Though life threw things at them
They coped best they could
Though some times were bad times
Many were good

Benefit of hindsight
Comes all too late
Living life as it comes
Deciding one’s fate

Think how different things were
Not who’s to blame
But each generation
Keeps saying the same

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