My grandad was a lovely man
and I will tell you all I can
He wore a watch upon his vest
I’d hear it ticking on his chest
He’d mend my dolls if they got sick
and help me build things brick by brick
and hide my pudding as a trick

He wasn’t tall and he was stout
It’s true I never heard him shout
but he loved to sing a silly song
and teach me how to sing along
and show me how to plait some string
or find a pond with tadpoles in
or push me higher on a swing

I did not like his moustache bristles
which pricked and felt to me like thistles
‘Give Gramps a little kiss he’d say’
But I would turn my head away
It must have made his poor heart sore
but I was only three or four
He died before I grew much more

Oh Grandad, what I’d give today
to hug and kiss you come what may

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