Move in and live with me, said he.
My parents won’t agree, said she,
they will say it’s not for me
and I would rather marry.

But we might wed and not agree,
that could lead to divorce, said he,
and this way you will easy see
I’m not Tom, Dick or Harry.

Look, said she, quite honestly
though you’re a special man to me,
it’s something that can never be
unless your name I carry.

You’re something of a pest, said he,
I know what works the best for me.
So if it’s marriage and monogamy
then I’ll no longer tarry!

dear stranger

this day room holds no charm
here’s where they vegetate
I just have to remind myself
she’ll never share my fears

outside I’m cool and calm
inside I shrink and wait
I just have to remind myself
she’ll never find lost years

today she clawed my arm
with such a look of hate
I just have to remind myself
she cannot feel my tears



Litany of Loss

In each and every corner lies
the blood of cruelty
while human kind ignoring cries
allows inequity.

From palaces and parliaments
despots seek their way
while using gods to justify
they care not who they slay.

Wreaking terror in their path
some bomb to kill and maim
while others have no need for guns
oppression is their game.

For centuries the multitudes
have toiled their days ’til death 
in poverty and ignorance,
their lives mere taking breath.

But modern man cannot excuse
indifference to cries
for those who live life in distress
are there before our eyes.

Inside our homes come fictions foul
desensitising soul,
accepting real atrocities
becomes part of our whole.

Most leaders, it is sad but true,
care little what is more,
and believing their own rhetoric
do nothing and ignore.